Summer Planning Series Part 2: Summer-At-A-Glance Calendar!

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Alright mamas, let’s keep getting those summer plans pulled together! By now I hope you have had a chance to download the form and pray through the exercise in the first post of this series. We now move on to one of my favorite parts! The Summer-At-A-Glance Calendar! Continue reading


Summer Planning Series: Part 1!


Summer Planning (2)

Well dear ones, summer is upon us. All over the nation kids are counting down the days! And that, of course, I understand. But when I hear mamas counting down the days I am always amazed. I regularly hear them saying, “I can’t WAIT for summer!” to which I am completely astonished. True, most of them don’t have 5 kids, but still. They are relishing the slower pace and longer days. Continue reading