I Call You


And now I call you lover because I can be naked and vulnerable with you and I can trust you to hold my heart in yours.  To never leave.  To never forget to love me or that I am the apple of your eye.

I call you friend because I can talk to you at 3 in the morning after complaining to you all day and you still listen.  You have never once turned me away.  You sit and have coffee with me in the morning and give me the BEST advice, and rejoice in my bargain shopping and marvel at my shoes…

And we giggle together, my friend and I!

I call you brother, long lost, because you stick up for me now when the bullies of my life come into my head and try to take my spiritual lunch money.  You tell them to leave me alone, you help me up, dust me off and carry my backpack as you walk me home.

I call you God, because You wrote the sunrise just for me and told me so.  You told me the trees are worshipping You when they rustle and I should too…

Because only You have the breath of life in You.

Jesus, there ain’t nobody nowhere like You.

I call you Master and swear my allegiance to You.

You have so loved me, so cared, so wooed me for my useless love, my small life…

You are the only person in the world who pays trillions for dirty rags

And considers the rags the more valuable trade…

Because You know that filthy rags plus Your powerful love results in a redemption so miraculous it has turned the world on her backside.

I call You all these things,

But there is one word out of the entire English language that is my favorite thing to call You.

Out of all the words hidden in the great expanse of time that people

Have plucked out and tacked onto You…

I do have a favorite…

I like to call You






AROMA PART I (a poem for my father)

This is the first poem in a 4-part series on the concept of AROMAS… and how scents can trigger old things. Good things, bad things, Great Things.  Look for the next installment on Thoughtful Thursdays.

Aroma Part I(a poem for my dad)

Aqua Velva and Old Spice under the Christmas tree

Even to this day

I think of you when I

smell them

And the short season of my life

when you were the most

precious aroma to me

I remember burying my face

in your neck

your Devil Dog haircut

pricked and prickled

and I didn’t care

little arms wrapped around


Larger than Life

Humor and Strength…

falling asleep

on Daddy’s chest