Mamastrong Fashion: Throwback Tee & Knife Pleat Maxi

Running errands today! This outfit is comfy and fabulous! And yes, I was born in ’73. I ain’t quite aged to perfection but I like the idea!!!

I hit my Weekend Reset so I knew what I was wearing-saved me time and energy because I didn’t know I’d be up all night with 2 sick kiddos…

Vegetarian biker jacket (aka pleather, aka cheap from Target) with one of my favorite bags!!!!
The maxi is sheer knife pleat with a mini skirt underneath. The sheer fabric hides my cellulite very well.  
  I love this bag- studded tassels…


Once again, 5 inch wedges!!! And I need a pedicure and I have varicose veins (and stretch marks and cellulite… But I digress.)  Thank God I shaved….
Stay Strong and Fabulous Cuz Life is Short and Youth is Fleeting! Enjoy your day!!





“Have you heard it was good to gain the day?

I also say it is good to fall, battles are lost in the same spirit in which they are won.”

Walt Whitman

Part I.

It is difficult

becoming who I am.

Growing into

God’s original contemplation…

grabbing hold with understanding

of the maiden grains of dust

uniquely blended by Magnificence




Who am I, Lord? Continue reading