I Guarantee After Reading this You Will Want to Pray for Your Boys

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I confess, I’m tired of the 7 Day Challenge. My prayers have waxed and waned and I have grown weary.  Actually a little bored. Did you notice yesterday I didn’t write any new material, just the prayers (and remember I didn’t write those prayers. They are a resource given to me by someone else that I altered to fit our sons)? That’s me punking out. Getting lazy. That’s my focus failing. My flesh winning… And it is also the enemy seducing me into quitting so that I could be a fraud as mother and a blogger. But most of all, he wants to derail me so that the lives of my sons would not have the strength of prayer (which is the strength of God) moving powerfully in their lives.

Let’s not do that, shall we? Let’s not punk out and give in. Let’s press on.

Lord, make sin repulsive to my son. Bring on a conviction so powerful he loses all focus for life until he comes to you to repent..jpg

When you think about your son’s future, what do you see? What do you desire for him? Is he a good provider and a great husband and father? Is his heart hungry for God from preschool to college? Do you envision him getting up early and spending time in prayer and studying Scripture before his day begins in high school? Or maybe he stands up to the teacher who tries to make a mockery of his faith? This is what I see for my boys. I see them both as men who are gentle and strong, with a great sense of humor. I can see my oldest as a high schooler who walks into a party and immediately leaves because he is repulsed by the porn on the big screen. When I look into his future I can see him falling in love with the word of God and leading others to Christ. Fast forward to manhood and I can see my youngest in the kitchen getting coffee one morning as his wife comes in with the baby, all disheveled and tired. And he still feels in his heart a swell of love and passion for her as he watches her get the baby into the highchair. As he takes that first sip of coffee he prays, “Oh Lord, thank you for my life. Thank you for this woman. This family. Help me to lead them, Father. Help me to protect them and provide. Thank you for all you have done. I love you, Lord, and I will serve you everyday for the rest of my life.”

These are the dreams for my sons that guide my prayers for them.

I am sure there are those reading this that think these are pipe dreams, and the cynicism of life in this world rages forward in their hearts. But not me. I choose something different. I choose NOT TO FALL PREY to the idea that I cannot raise young men who will walk away from popularity and choose the often lonely road of authentic Christianity. I choose to believe that Christ will secure the hearts of my sons for His heart and His purposes. After all, is He not the God who parted the Red Sea? Who was in the furnace with the Hebrew boys? Who WALKED ON WATER and calmed the storm? Is He not the God who healed the blind and lame and BROUGHT PEOPLE BACK FROM THE DEAD? Is this not the God I serve?


Yes, He is all and did all of these things. And because I belong to Him I can believe the impossible for my boys because He is the God who slaughtered the impossible on the cross. Jesus consumed death because He is the Author of Life. And He is Life. He is the Consequence-Keeper, the Impossibility-Killer and the Destroyer-of-Doubt. Jesus devours calamity and sin. He not only makes dead things live He causes them to flourish.

“And when I passed by you and saw you wallowing in your blood, I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ I said to you in your blood, ‘Live!’ I made you flourish like a plant of the field. And you grew up and became tall and arrived at.jpg

When I look at the world I become afraid for my sons. Do you? I tremble as I think of all they must navigate in this world. It is like a minefield. There is so much coming against them.

But that is the wrong place for me to focus.

When I focus on God, I grow strong and vicious towards the things coming after my sons…

“But the Lord is the true God;
    he is the living God and the everlasting King.
At his wrath the earth quakes,
    and the nations cannot endure his indignation… It is he who made the earth by his power,
    who established the world by his wisdom,
    and by his understanding stretched out the heavens.
When he utters his voice, there is a tumult of waters in the heavens,
    and he makes the mist rise from the ends of the earth.
He makes lightnings for the rain,
    and he brings out the wind from his storehouses.” Jeremiah 10:10-13

And then, filled with this strength, with my eyes fixed on the One Who Holds My Sons, I can pray. I can fight for them. I can stand against the enemy who is crouching at the doorway of their lives and I can look him squarely in the eyes and say,


WHEN I FOCUS ON GOD I AM filled with strength, with my eyes fixed on the One Who Holds My Sons, AND I can pray. I can fight for them. I can stand against the enemy who is crouching at the doorway of their lives and I can look him square (1).jpg


Stand with me. Pick up your sword. Let’s pray.


Lord, I pray for those with whom my son walks side by side. I pray for his friendships. I pray that he will have godly friends who will sharpen him as iron sharpens iron (Prov. 7:17), who hold him accountable to live a godly life (Prov. 28:23), and who will step in and help him bear burdens when they grow too heavy for him to bear on his own (Gal. 6:2). I pray he will have friends who will stand with him for what is right and good, and pick him up when he falls (Ecc. 4:10).

Lord, bring a Paul into his life-an upright man of God who will pour into my son selflessly and with pure motives. Who will be the voice that confirms all he has heard from me.

Father, I also ask that you would give my son discernment and wisdom when it comes to girls. Make immodesty and lewdness repulsive to him. Bring no simple-minded, shifty, immoral girls or women into his life. Let him flee from sexual impurity and from girls with the spirit of Delilah in them. Let my son not be swayed by his sexual desires but be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Let my son remain sexually pure until marriage, and let that resolve come from his own heart: a covenant promise he makes with the God of his life.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Mamas, keep pressing. Stand. We are in this together!

Love, DJ


Praying for Our Sons from Head to Toe: Day 1

praying for our sons from head to toeday 1 of the 7 day challenge

Howdy Strong Mamas!

So glad you are here today! We are in day 1 of the 7 day challenge. Today we will be praying for salvation and over the heads of our boys. No need to dillydally, let’s get into it.


 If your son is not yet a Christian, his salvation is your most urgent prayer. Everything else pales in comparison. You’ve probably already discovered that believing in Jesus is not something you can talk him into or force upon him. He must decide for himself what he believes and where he will stand with God. Only Christ can quicken his heart to believe.

 Lord, I pray my son will come to know you as his Savior and Lord. I pray he will understand that he has sinned and fallen short of Your standard (Rom. 3:23). Grant him to know that the result of sin is death, but You have given him the free gift of eternal life through Your son, Jesus Christ (Rom. 6:23). Lord, open my son’s heart to know that while he was yet a sinner, You demonstrated Your own love for him and sent Your son to die on the cross to pay the penalty for his sins (Rom. 5:8). I pray he will one day confess with his mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in his heart that You raised Him from the dead (Rom. 10:9). I pray he will call on the name of the Lord and be saved (Rom. 10:13).

Praying for my kids is the gateway that allows Christ to teach them selflessness, discipline in faith, holiness of God & gives me a glimpse into their hearts. Lord, help me to open that gate daily.


Lord, one day my son will be the head of his own household, and I pray he will look to You as the head of his life (Eph. 5:23, 1 Cor. 11:3). Help him to take the leadership role in his home and seek Your wisdom in every decision he makes, knowing that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Psalm 111:10).

Lord, I ask that one day you will bring a godly woman to be my son’s wife. Lord, I pray she would be a worthy wife, a crown for him and not a disgraceful cancer in his bones (Prov. 12:4). I pray that she would be a woman who accepts the authority of my son as the head of the home and submits to him in everything, as to the Lord (Eph. 5:22). I ask that she wins over any stubbornness or wayward thinking in my son with her pure, godly behavior and not nagging words. Lord, grant her a quiet and gentle spirit; one without fear but stayed on the might of You (1 Pet. 3:7).

Above all, Lord, please make my son to be the kind of man that gives honor to his wife, treating her with godly understanding. Place in my son’s mind and heart a love for His wife like that of Christ for the church. Let my son daily give up his life for his wife and let him lead her in the reading and understanding of the Word of God (Eph. 5:25). Grant that my son might have the wisdom to see his wife as one who is in need of protection as the weaker sex, but that he would harbor a deep abiding respect for her personhood and see her as his absolute equal. Let them be a ferocious team for the things of God. Remind him that if he does not treat his wife well you will not hear his prayers.

I ask that my son would leave our family and cleave to his wife and be a separate unit all unto themselves. Protect his mind from feelings of inadequacy or comparison. Help my son to know that the very hairs of his head are numbered and You care for each and every detail of his life (Luke 12:7).


-There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. one is roots; and the other, wings.- (2)

See you tomorrow to pray over our sons’ Mind and Eyes! Please share this with a mama who needs encouragement to pray over her son or sons.

Stay Strong,


Praying for Our Sons from Head to Toe: A 7-Day Challenge from Mamastrong.co

7 Day Challenge

Hello Strong Mamas! It has been a minute!

I realize I have not posted anything to the site since Christmas Break. I shall not bore you with the reasons why: 5 kids transitioning back to 3 schools is surely enough to let your imaginations run wild with what my days have been like.

Today I want to begin a conversation about prayer for our boys. For our future godly men who will one day be leaders in their homes and communities. Men who will be hostile for God in a world that is hostile towards God. One of the deepest desires of my heart is that my sons will be Men who are hostile for God in a world that is hostile towards GodMen who will be astonishingly effective for the agenda of Christ, gentle lovers of one wife, and fathers who die to themselves for the good of their children. Men of integrity who will not stand to see the weak damaged. Men who change the atmosphere of every environment into a place where Christ is evident. I want my boys to have a definition of manhood that is drenched in power and humility; who are not swayed by the castrated, gender-bent version of maleness that permeates our culture today. Men who see their masculinity as a gift, not a flaw. I want to raise sons who stand at the door of their family as a guard and when the enemy comes knocking on the heart of his wife or children he steps in front and says, “Dude, you got anything to say to this family you gotta come through me. Hollatchaboy.” I want to raise sons who understand they are to be the protector, provider and priest of their homes. I want my boys to have a definition of manhood that is dripping in strength and humility; who are not swayed by the castrated, gender-bent version of maleness that permeates our culture today.But those desires begin now with prayers for their hearts while they are young. The road to a godly 30-year-old son begins when they are in 30 minutes old… and every season after that for as long as I have breath (gentle reminder here: if you have not prayed for your son every second of his life you are in good company! The point is to lift him up, not attain a perfect prayer record. It is never to late to start (or re-start) and no prayer is every wasted).

The wonderful thing about being a follower of the One, True God is that I am not responsible for making any of these wishes come true. Every single one of those desires is only found in the power of Christ. Think about it, we have no control over the choices our sons will make. Sure, we can plant seeds of godliness in their hearts (and we should) or we can try to manipulate our older boys into believing what we think is right for them (which we shouldn’t), but at the end of the day God is the only source for a changed heart. We must take it to Him.

Every single thing I want for my sons is found in the power, love, grace, mercy, salvation and magnificence of Jesus Christ. He alone holds their futures and He alone can get a hold of their hearts. I am so grateful to have access to Hi (1)

So here is how this will work. Every day for the next 7 days I will post a prayer over a certain part of our son’s bodies. Their mind, eyes, feet, etc. The prayers are short and sweet and amazingly powerful. As you read through them lift up your precious boy (or boys) to God. Pour out your heart.


  1. LET YOUR SON KNOW THAT YOU ARE PRAYING FOR HIM. Shoot him a text, email, leave a note in his lunch box, etc. Don’t expect anything in return (like him running into your arms weeping in gratitude). But knowing you are praying for him is a powerful seed to plant in your relationship with him as well as his relationship with God.
  2. SEND THE PRAYER TO AT LEAST ONE OTHER PERSON WHO YOU KNOW WILL PRAY FOR YOUR SON. If you two can pray together that is even better, but just asking them to pray is great, too!

At the end of the 7 days I will include the document of all the prayers in one place so you can print it out and keep these prayers going. I keep the handout in my Bible and try to pray these once a week.

Now, to be honest and transparent, I did not come up with these prayers. A dear prayer-warrior gave me these and they are actually prayers for our husbands that I tailored for our sons. So, I take no credit here… but the resource is so powerful I had to share it! If you know who the author is PLEASE let me know so I can give credit!

Here are the two fellas I will be praying for…who will you be praying for?



Share this post with any mama who has a boy who needs prayer. See you tomorrow!

Stay Strong,