Child of Mine, Go and Die

MOTHER'S DAY (1)Well, another Mother’s Day is upon on us! Glorious, precious, anti-labor Mother’s Day!

And, normally, I am thinking of the year I have had as a mother, ways I need to grow, the blessings of being a mama to my five, long conversations with God of gratitude and questions. Mostly I am thinking about how I can rest, feed my soul and how my crew can serve me.

But this Mother’s Day is different. Continue reading


Depression Isn’t All Bad


Depression Isn't All Bad.jpg

This post is heavy at first… but give it a chance. Read to the end.

I’ve been spiraling down into this depression for weeks. It’s been a slow fade. I fought it for a long time because I haven’t visited here in years, and quite frankly I was shocked to find myself in the old neighborhood. Those who don’t suffer from depression have a tough time understanding it. Others have described it as a stubborn darkness. In my mind, depression is very much like an old, rickety house of an aging, dysfunctional aunt. The one who made your skin crawl as a kid. The house is unkept and dilapidated, dark and ominous. Continue reading

In the Midst Of Depression…


Even in the heart of depression, Lord, you are faithful. You are there, running to me with open arms.


Chasing me down. Holding me up and cupping my face in Your hands saying, “Daughter, I will never leave you. I will never forget you. You are ever on My mind and always in My heart. I can’t stop thinking about you. I know it hurts. Believe Me, no one understands sorrow and loss like I do. Let Me hold you and encourage you with My words, My love and My Unshakeable Joy.”

Jesus, You do not distance Yourself though my heart is wandering
You move in closer than my breath when I regard Your promises
Closer than my thoughts when I saturate this sadness with Your Word
More present than my own heartbeat when I stay fixed on You

Lord Jesus, You are Good.
You are strong when I am weak.
Expanse of Sky to my dust
Rage of Ocean to my lone pebble on the shore…

And You
In the midst of sadness