The Best Tool for Getting Homework Done While You’re Out!

Homework Backpack!

Well Hello There Strong Mamas!!

All mamas of preschool or older kids know this scene.  You pick up your kids from school and the rest of the day is packed with marital arts, tutoring, dance, sports games, running a couple errands or whatever.  Homework is looming over your shoulder.  A couple of things usually happen: either you get the kids home late and exhausted and try to get homework done without tears (good luck!) or you try to do some of it while you are waiting in the Target line (“Read me your chapter while we walk”) or sitting at ballet.  But you always hear the same thing.  “I need a ruler for this math page.” or “I don’t have a pencil.” or “I left my protractor at school.” Continue reading


My Weekend RESET!!

My Weekend Reset!

This post will take you about 8 minutes to read. You’re welcome!

Well Hello There Strong Mamas!

I am so excited about this new system, WEEKEND RESET, I am trying out!  I’ve been working it into our schedule for a few weeks and so far I am loving it and I want to share it with you!  It’s not my idea, but I have tweaked what I have researched so it works for my family.  I do most of my research for mama-stuff on Pinterest, and you can check out my Pinterest board on Weekend Resetting here (and while you’re at it you can follow me on Pinterest here, Instagram here and Facebook here) or check out my post on one of the tools I use to make it happen called “One of My Favorite Insanely Simple Family Management Tools.” Continue reading

6 EASY Techniques that Help Me Tame the Homework Monster!


Howdy Strong Mamas!

As the school year gets into full swing I wanted to share some tried-and-true strategies I use for homework time.  Things have actually gotten easier for me with 2 high schoolers, 1 middle schooler and 2 in elementary school.  My high schoolers are pretty self-motivated and do their homework later in the evening after practice and clubs, so I only have 3 to do homework with at once after school.  But there was a time when I had 5 at home after school all needing help at the same time!  All having projects due and sometimes all 5 calling for me at the same time crying in exasperation! Continue reading