Fashion: 4 Outfits for Cold Weather Inspiration!

It’s been a minute since I have done a fashion post! All of these outfits (except the last one) are looks I live in- carpool, grocery store, church, meetings… but I do keep a pair of flats in my car in case my feet start to hurt! 5 inch heels are a wondrous accessory but it’s tough to run errands in them for 4 hours!

Even though the looks in this post are seriously incredible (wink), keep in mind there are plenty of days I am in sweats with old mascara under my eyes and funk in my pits. Last week I went to dinner with friends in my pajamas and robe because I didn’t feel like getting dressed.


I’ll be 42 this year and if I don’t feel like getting dressed I ain’t gonna. I like me, regardless of my outer trappings, and that means I can BE ME! It is a good thing to be comfortable in your own skin. For me that looks like PJ’s and a fuzzy robe at Olive Garden… for you it might be something else. The point is to love ourselves, with all our complexities, and express it in self-affirming, God-honoring ways. God is pleased when we enjoy how He made us.

Thanks for letting me rant… now you check out the looks while I put my soapbox away… Continue reading


Mamastrong Fashion Friday! Great Tummy-Friendly Classic Look

Howdy Strong Mamas! I think I finally have my blogging schedule down! Mama Mondays, Thoughtful Thursdays and FASHION FRIDAYS!
I love this look: crazy comfy and classic with some slight updates to keep it fresh…

I adore this fringe bag with Gucci-inspired bamboo handle!!! TJ MAXX!! And I got the sunglasses at Five Below!

Simple v-neck sweater underneath. Flares are (gulp) from True Religion. I saved up for these!!

Accessorized with these rings…simple.

Black nails…

Crazy kid not a part of the outfit…

And the piece I never leave home without…. My waist cincher!

Enjoy your weekend!! Please share if you like this!!! And come back on Monday for my next post!!!

Stay Strong, DJ