AROMA PART I (a poem for my father)

This is the first poem in a 4-part series on the concept of AROMAS… and how scents can trigger old things. Good things, bad things, Great Things.  Look for the next installment on Thoughtful Thursdays.

Aroma Part I(a poem for my dad)

Aqua Velva and Old Spice under the Christmas tree

Even to this day

I think of you when I

smell them

And the short season of my life

when you were the most

precious aroma to me

I remember burying my face

in your neck

your Devil Dog haircut

pricked and prickled

and I didn’t care

little arms wrapped around


Larger than Life

Humor and Strength…

falling asleep

on Daddy’s chest


MISSED (a poem for my father)

This one is for all my Strong Mamas who struggle with fatherlessness.  I wrote this a little while ago as I was processing my relationship with my dad and the incredible absence that defines his role in my life.  You are reading a piece of my heart: raw, hurt and searching for answers.  Please don’t judge my dad-I know he did the best he could with what he had… though I still don’t understand his choices and totally hold him accountable.  It became easier to accept him as he was when I realized my Heavenly Father was yearning to be everything to me my earthly father either would not or could not be.  God has been a great Father to me. And if you are craving the love of your father I pray you will come to know that God is more than capable of filling that void.

This will take about 5 minutes to read.


I often wonder how I will feel

When you die

Will I weep?

Will I laugh?

Will I miss you?

Or will I just step away and take a




out the window

and think of what could have been…

What could have been if you had chosen me,

Wanted to sustain your presence,

wanted meContinue reading

My Weekend RESET!!

My Weekend Reset!

This post will take you about 8 minutes to read. You’re welcome!

Well Hello There Strong Mamas!

I am so excited about this new system, WEEKEND RESET, I am trying out!  I’ve been working it into our schedule for a few weeks and so far I am loving it and I want to share it with you!  It’s not my idea, but I have tweaked what I have researched so it works for my family.  I do most of my research for mama-stuff on Pinterest, and you can check out my Pinterest board on Weekend Resetting here (and while you’re at it you can follow me on Pinterest here, Instagram here and Facebook here) or check out my post on one of the tools I use to make it happen called “One of My Favorite Insanely Simple Family Management Tools.” Continue reading