The Best Tool for Getting Homework Done While You’re Out!

Homework Backpack!

Well Hello There Strong Mamas!!

All mamas of preschool or older kids know this scene.  You pick up your kids from school and the rest of the day is packed with marital arts, tutoring, dance, sports games, running a couple errands or whatever.  Homework is looming over your shoulder.  A couple of things usually happen: either you get the kids home late and exhausted and try to get homework done without tears (good luck!) or you try to do some of it while you are waiting in the Target line (“Read me your chapter while we walk”) or sitting at ballet.  But you always hear the same thing.  “I need a ruler for this math page.” or “I don’t have a pencil.” or “I left my protractor at school.” Continue reading


One of My Favorite Insanely Simple Family Management Tools!

Howdy Strong Mamas!

Well, back to the school year we go.  I keep recalling that Staples commercial from a few years back where the dad is joyfully tossing school supplies in the cart while his kids are walking despondently behind him, as the Christmas carol “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” plays in the background.  Praise God for the SCHOOL YEAR!!  I love my kids and love to be with them but the end of summer can be overwhelming for me! But enough of that, here is one of my favorite tools to keep all the chaos managed and it is simple and cheap!  All you need is the back of a door (preferably in a location everyone sees each day), a dry erase board, dry erase markers and some cork. IMG_3489This system is centrally located in our house, right on the pantry door where everyone seems to congregate several times a day, especially my boys.  Here is where I go over the happenings for the family each morning.  It allows me to help my 3 kiddos with executive functioning disorder (sometimes associated with ADHD) see the day ahead in a concrete way before they get bombarded by trying to focus at school.   I can also put reminders, the grocery list, prayer requests, chores… really anything that the family needs that day and that is why I love the dry-erase board.  Sometimes when I am working on a project I use it as a kanban board. From day to day, season to season, it is what we need it to be!


The other component is the cork board on the bottom.  This is where I put static reminders and schedules that we refer to on a regular basis.  IMG_3497

Having lists posted makes life so much easier for me and for my kids because I am not repeating myself, asking the same questions several times over.  All I have to say is, “Did you do the Morning Reminders?” Now, I know a lot of parenting experts say that we should keep our lists short, but most of them don’t have 5 kids! I do think it is a good idea, though, to keep expectations manageable so if you can get away with a 3-5 point reminder that it probably best. This system has worked wonderfully for years, and my teen son with severe ADHD does not need the reminders anymore.  Here is a close-up of a couple items to get your juices flowing!



So where did I get the supplies? The dry-erase board you can get from Staples, Office Depot, really anywhere.  Mine was very old and forgotten in the storage room of my basement.  The cork board I got from Target and just nailed on the door (though I would recommend using nails shaped like this with the flat-head to keep it from coming off,  just make sure they are shorter than your door or they will poke out the back!).  The key holder, eraser, etc. were from Target and the markers were from Five Below.

I hope that is a help to you! I love this system and use it every day.  What are your favorite family management ideas? I’d love to know.  Reply and I’ll be sure to get back to you. And PLEASE like and share this post, it really does make a difference!

Stay Strong! DJ