My Favorite Fashion Blogger: Kyrzayda Rodriguez

I have a lot of mamas ask me how I put some of my looks together, which I seldom post because I am ALWAYS running late and I have a ton of kids and never any time to take pics let alone post them... HOW AND EVER.... basically.... I just copy this woman. Her name … Continue reading My Favorite Fashion Blogger: Kyrzayda Rodriguez


Fabulous Friday: Weight-Gain Outfit!!

This is one of my favorite outfits to wear when I've fallen off the healthy-eating wagon and jumped on the sugar-is-my-best-friend wagon because, hey, I'm me. I struggle to be disciplined and sometimes I just blow it.

Mamastrong Fabulous Friday: DATE NIGHT LOOK

Since most of my posts are verbally dense I decided these posts will mostly just be pics for your enjoyment and inspiration (and SHARING 😘, naturally)! Shout out to my middle daughter for these excellent pics that needed no filters!!! She's 11 and is the family artist!