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Ask and you shall receive!

I have had many ladies ask me to put all the prayers in one place (which I said I would do in the first prayer post and then forgot to do). So… here they are! Remember that I did not write these! If you know who the author is please let me know so I can give credit! I merely added some mamastrong touches to these glorious prayers! I’ve also included the most popular image quotes (I put them at the end so you can print the prayers without using an entire cartridge of ink). Please pin and share these (and share this post!) so other strong mamas can find this post and pray for their boys! Continue reading


Praying for Our Sons from Head to Toe: Day 4

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Hellooooo Strong Mamas!

Here we are at Day 4! The response has been incredible as prayer has gone forth on behalf of our boys. On behalf of young men who will one day lead the charge of extending God’s agenda in the earth. Never think for one minute that you are just training a boy. You are training a soldier. A brawler. A warrior for Christ. And we pray for them so that they will be able to engage the battle without being embattled. We pray for them because there will come a time when we will no longer be here, no longer able to guide them…

But our prayers to the God who Adores them will be.

Let’s race to the throne and cry out for our boys now. Dig deep. There is so much at stake.


Lord, in the Old Testament, those who refused to obey You were called stiff-necked, so today I pray my son will be submissive to You (Neh. 9:29). Your word promises that obedience to Your law results in a long and peaceful life, and I ask that on behalf of my son today (Prov. 3:1-2).

Jesus said, “If you love me, obey My commands” (John 14:15). I pray my son will demonstrate that love for You today by obeying Your commands. I pray he will be strong, courageous and careful to do everything written in Your word so that he will be prosperous and successful today (Joshua 1:8-9). Help him to see that Your precepts are good (Ps. 119:128-129).

I pray he will believe in the name of Jesus Christ and love others as You have commanded us to do (1 John 3:23). I pray he will humble himself before You today so that You will lift him up (James 4:10). May he have the mind of Christ, who although was God Himself, humbled himself by taking the form of a man and obeyed even to the point of death (Phil. 2:6-8).



Lord, many times Your strength is personified by Your outstretched arm (Exodus 15:16, Deut. 7:19, 11:2). Today I pray for my son’s arms and his strength- that he will clothe himself with Your strength (Is. 51:9). I pray my son will see that he has You to help him fight his battles (2 Chron. 32:8). May You be the strength of His life and his portion forever (Ps. 73:26).

Stand by his side and give him strength (2 Tim. 4:17). Help him to realize and call on the power of the Holy Spirit to give him the strength to do all that You have called him to do (Eph. 1:19). Thank You that You have promised to give him strength to do all that You have called him to do if he would but ask (phil. 4:13). I pray he will love You with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his mind and with all his strength all the days of his life (Mark 12:30). I pray my son will long to embrace his future wife with his arms (Song 2:6). That his arms will long to embrace her and only her (Prov. 5:20). Grant that he would be a husband of unwavering faithfulness and a reflection of Your mighty steadfast love towards his wife.

In Jesus Powerful and Mighty name we pray. Amen.

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Stay Strong. Period.


Encouragement to Fast for Your Kids

Are You

This post will take you about 8 minutes to read.

Howdy Strong Mamas!

I do not know a single, Christian mama who does not yearn for her children to live a life devoted to Christ.  To raise kids who are successful adults, and who are grateful, brave, gentle, wise and slayers of sin in their lives and the lives of others.  Often we pray, talk to our children, teach them about the Word of God and the ways of the world. We warn, love, care and discipline.  We do this because our deepest desire is that our children would live lives of passionate faith and be successful adults.  As mamas, we know in our hearts that if our children had a need we would go through hell and high water to meet it. We would seek out any resource so that we could care for our babies.

But are we doing that spiritually?

One of the greatest weapons I believe many mothers overlook is the weapon of fasting.  I know many mothers who have never fasted for their children.

This is a mistake.  But one that is easily remedied! Continue reading