Report Card Time! My Parent/Teacher Conference Binder!


Hello Strong Mamas!

I’m not sure about y’all, but around here it is report card time.  Over the years I have learned that my kids do best when I am able to keep track of their progress and areas they need to work on.  I got tired of being in the Parent/Teacher Conferences and having the teacher say, “this is the same area we were working on last semester” and them looking up to see a blank stare on my face because I had no recollection of what happened at breakfast, let alone last semester. Continue reading


The Best Tool for Getting Homework Done While You’re Out!

Homework Backpack!

Well Hello There Strong Mamas!!

All mamas of preschool or older kids know this scene.  You pick up your kids from school and the rest of the day is packed with marital arts, tutoring, dance, sports games, running a couple errands or whatever.  Homework is looming over your shoulder.  A couple of things usually happen: either you get the kids home late and exhausted and try to get homework done without tears (good luck!) or you try to do some of it while you are waiting in the Target line (“Read me your chapter while we walk”) or sitting at ballet.  But you always hear the same thing.  “I need a ruler for this math page.” or “I don’t have a pencil.” or “I left my protractor at school.” Continue reading