Life Coaching

IMG_2284Howdy Mama, there are a lot of “coaches” out there that offer a whole lot of stuff and it can be overwhelming. I know a lot of sites have very brief descriptions of what they offer. This is often the case because they want to sell you quick. But hiring a life coach is a big deal. Take a minute to read through this page so you can make an informed decision.

What is Life Coaching? Not going into the long definition, but this will give you an idea. It is key for you to know that coaching is NOT counseling. Coaching is for moms who are healthy enough to move forward in their lives and achieve their goals with help.

What is my brand of coaching? (This list was inspired by this article.)

  • WORLDVIEW-  I am a certified Christian Life Coach so all of my resources and counsel and perspectives are biblically based. I am crazy about Jesus and I want you to be crazy about Him, too. I’m not gonna lie, if you are not a Christian my style of coaching is going to drive you crazy and we’re probably not a good match.
  • STYLE- My style of coaching is full of grace, very personal, dynamic, gentle, encouraging, firm and fun. You’re going to laugh. A lot. And even the non-criers tend to shed more tears than they like to admit. I get down to the nitty-gritty in a way that embraces who you are, every part. Even the ugly stuff.
  • SACRED- I want to help you create a sacred space where you build a motherhood that is uniquely yours and one you love. I am incredibly encouraging and supportive and I will believe you can be a better mom even (and especially) when you do not. You are safe here. You matter to me.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY- I hold my clients accountable for what they say they’re going to do. This is the magic of coaching at its best. You will be amazed how much you will accomplish with help to pursue forward-motion towards your goals.
  • ACCEPTANCE- Our coach-client partnership is one of acceptance and respect. I accept you JUST AS YOU ARE, right where you are. I ask that you accept me as I am as well.
  • FOCUS- My goal is to help you get focused on what you love, value and want from life. I want you to come “alive” in your motherhood and know how to maintain a positive, effective and Jesus-focused perspective on yourself and your world.
  • SYSTEMS- I love to help mothers design systems that work for them and give them room in their lives so they can do what they really love to do: have a balanced life, spend time with their families and pursue their dreams.
  • MINDSET- I will help you to trust Christ more and let go of patterns of thinking that hinder your ability to live a life worthy of His calling. To work with me is to undergo a paradigm shift in your thinking. Your inner critic and negativity do not scare me. I see past the critics and judges to the loving, capable, strong, brave, inspiring, unique mother you are.
  • CONFIDENTIAL- I live a life of integrity, and therefore confidentiality is imperative. Your whole self is safe with me. You hate motherhood but wish you didn’t? We can handle that together. Resent your kids for having a childhood you didn’t? No problem. You are safe here.

My Ideal Client

Type 1: This mother is usually overwhelmed by the demands of life but loves her babies to death. She wants to be the mother Christ desires for her to be but has a hard time wrapping her mind around what that might look like. She is fatigued and burned-out but has a grit inside of her that won’t give up on her role as a mother, even if she has been down in the dumps for a while or her house is in absolute chaos. She just needs an understanding person who understands the perils and joys of motherhood to help her out of her funk and up to the next level. This mama also has a deep desire to grow in her relationship with Christ (even though she may feel stuck and not know how). She is serious about her faith. She is ready to grow.

I work best with this kind of mama because this was me early on in my motherhood.

Type 2: This mother has a good bead on certain areas of motherhood but really needs help achieving her goals in a couple other areas. She is a bit more established than the first mother and has a solid idea of what she wants her motherhood to look like. She is more comfortable in her own skin than ever before but would like some feedback on how she can grow in new ways. She’s the mom who can run her house smoothly but her eating is out of control. Or perhaps she is gifted at work and her kids are happy but her house is in complete disarray and she can’t find anything. She is serious about her faith. She is ready to grow.

I work best with this kind of mama because this was me just a few years ago.

What Am I Like?

Though I’d love you to think this is me…


What’s more accurate is this….


I am warm, fun, responsive, personable and compassionate. I am highly attuned to the emotions, needs and motivations of others. I am very good at helping you to see the best in you, the good in you and what unique gifts you offer to the unique life Christ has blessed you to live for Him. I can see your potential and I want you to realize it.

I will inspire you to grow. And I will help you get there.

I am also very sensitive, supportive, empathetic, insightful and enthusiastic. I am organized and persuasive. I am a natural leader and can sometimes be very firm in my delivery, but am more than happy to adjust my approach based on your preference. Harmony is important to me and I work hard to achieve it.

I value faith, family, home, health, friendships, learning and relationships.


The Free Stuff…


Call me. Let’s pray. We’ll chat for about 10 minutes and then pray for about 10.

  • Email me first so we can set up a time and you can fill out a questionnaire.
  • This is required first just so I can get a bead on where you are. It helps us to optimize our prayer time together. I’ll already know what is on your heart so we can dive right in.
  • I do not use your information for anything other than this call and all prayer requests are CONFIDENTIAL.
 Monthly Bible Study via Facebook Live

1stSaturday of every month at 8:30pm


Feel free to email me up to 3 times with specific questions regarding motherhood and get my feedback for free. I don’t hold back the good stuff on those emails either. I’m passionate about your success in motherhood. Seriously. Reach out.

YouTube Channel

I’ve got coaching videos that you can view for free.

Now Get Out Your Wallet…

Basic Coaching

Coaching session in-person or by phone, FaceTime or Skype: $85 per hour

3 Month Coaching Package (Custom Designed for You)

2 sessions a month: $150 a month for 3 months (no cancellations)

6 Month Coaching Package (Custom Designed for You)

2 sessions per month: $125 a month for 6 months (no cancellations)

Managing Motherhood Package ($500)

3 months

For the overwhelmed mama who:

  • Needs some kind of map to know what balanced motherhood looks like and help to navigate it
  • Has a nagging feeling some things need to change but has no idea how to identify what those things are… let alone how to change them.
  • Wants to know what successful motherhood looks like for her and is she achieving it? If not, HOW?
  • Has specific goals she wants to achieve in her mothering but needs help getting there

This Package includes:

  • Welcome Packet that outlines the signature MamaStrong approach to motherhood
  • 1 75-minute Consulting Call or in-person meeting
  • 6 60-minute Coaching Sessions that include encouragement and accountability
  • Up to 3 custom-designed homemaking systems for you and your family

In addition to my coaching services this package also includes:

  • Unlimited email support
  • 6 Video Lessons
  • 2-5 PDF Guides and/or forms
  • I DO NOT offer a private Facebook group because I want to minimize the influence of technology on your life.
Mastering Motherhood Package ($850)

6 months

In addition to feeling everything the Managing Motherhood mama feels, this mama may also:

  • Want to delve deeper into her motherhood journey and refine the 6 areas of motherhood taught by the MamaStrong brand. Perhaps she needs to fit her health journey into motherhood but needs a plan, or her thought-life is hyper-critical and she needs a shift.
  • Engage in a complete motherhood overhaul and refine every system in her home from laundry to prayer.
  • Needs more accountability and more personal access to me to help achieve her goals.

This Package includes:

  • Welcome Packet that outlines the signature MamaStrong approach to motherhood
  • 1 75-minute Consulting Call
  • 12 60-minute Coaching Sessions (2 sessions a month)
  • Up to 8 custom-designed systems for homemaking

In addition to my coaching services this package also includes:

  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to me by text (M, W, Th, F, 10am-3pm)
  • Weekly check-ins
  • 6 Video Lessons
  • 10 PDF Guides and/or forms (many customized for your life)
  • A battery of assessments to establish self-awareness & promote personal growth
  • I DO NOT offer a private Facebook group because I want to minimize the influence of technology in your life.
 M.O.R.E. from Your Motherhood ($500)

Baltimore residents only

For the established mom who wants to grow even more in her joy for Christ, balance and efficiency in motherhood or just needs a RESET. I teach you the 4 ways I have developed to enhance my mothering and squeeze even more love for Christ and myself out of this journey. The package includes:

  • Welcome Packet that outlines the signature MamaStrong approach to motherhood
  • 1 75-minute Consulting Call
  • 4 experiential sessions custom designed for YOU.
    • Need help with your health? We just might have a session with a certified nutritionist and trainer. Overwhelmed by the state of your home? You might find yourself in the home of an interior designer or have a session with them in YOUR home. Prayer life dead? How about a prayer time with seasoned prayer-s that will help you see all prayer can be? Fashion-challenged? Perhaps a session with a stylist is in order. Every package is custom-designed with your GROWTH IN MIND.

A-La-Carte Services

One-Time Coaching Call ($115)

A one-time 90-minute private coaching session via phone, Skype or FaceTime. Complete with an action plan and creative steps to move forward on your goals, this call is best served for those who want to focus on one specific issue or area.

Homework System Reboot ($100)

This service includes a deeper understanding of homework as well as an assessment to determine what kind of learner your child may be. We will work together to design a homework system that alleviates your family stress, fits in with your busy schedule and enriches your relationship with your child.

This service includes:

  • Welcome Kit
  • Questionnaires and assessments to determine your current views and patterns of homework time
  • 1 FaceTime or phone session to discuss the purposes of homework, determine the challenges you are currently facing and to discuss the kind of work ethic you want to develop in your child
  • 1 in-person session to construct your homework system
  • Homework forms custom-designed for your family

Add-on Feature: For an additional fee, I will:

  • Come in to personally observe how you are currently doing homework (no judgement!!), help you trouble-shoot obstacles and challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Gently lead a discussion time with you and your kids to get buy-in from them for the new system.
  • Return after we have developed your new homework system to fine-tune any changes that need to be made.
Grocery & Menu-Planning ($150)

I will work with you to design a custom system that incorporates all of your family’s needs and wants and how to implement this system regularly.

This service includes:

  • Welcome Kit
  • Questionnaires and assessments to determine your family’s needs and wants
  • 1 Grocery shopping session (if necessary)
  • 2 in-home sessions to overhaul your current system: clean out the pantry, fridge, etc. and start fresh
  • Menu planning forms and/or apps (depending on your preference and achievement-style)
  • Establish the time and timeframe you will need in your week to accomplish your meal planning and shopping

*Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a registered nutritionist, just a mom who is really good at designing menu systems.

Seasonal Offerings (please reach out to me to for specifics & availability)

 Back to School Package ($300)
  • MamaStrong Welcome Packet
  • Guided by the MamaStrong Ultimate Back to School Checklist
  • Monthly email check-ins and accountability to stay on track throughout the entire school year
Back to Summer Package ($150)
  • Welcome Packet that outlines the signature MamaStrong approach to motherhood
  • Planning for each child’s life spheres and how to achieve the goals you have for each child over summer
  • Accountability throughout summer to stay on track
  • Your entire summer planned!

What I mean by email support…

This is the space you can use to unload doubts and questions and get my feedback. I love email because even if you need to get something off of your chest at 3am you can know it is waiting for me in my inbox later that day. I typically respond within one business day, but usually much sooner.



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  1. Wo, baby! Christian grace, organization, help, prayer, and encouragement from a pro? Sign me up! Color me impressed and inspired.


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