SLAVE. A word most of us don't like. We are very comfortable thinking of ourselves as God's children, as His sheep, even as His servants... But slave? I don't hear that too often. And yet, we are all slaves to something. We are slaves to whatever controls us, motivates us. If you can't stop thinking … Continue reading SLAVE


Self-Care When You Have the End of School Year Blues

  Hi Lovelies! I won't waste your time with a bunch of introductory fluff because I'm tapped out and I've got nothing clever to write. Basically, I struggle with transition and change, even change I know is coming and have been through many, many times before. Perhaps you do, too? Perhaps you have a nagging … Continue reading Self-Care When You Have the End of School Year Blues

Something to Help You Pray Today!

A great quick resource you can listen to in your car or at lunch to spur you on to pray more. We need mamas who are saturated in prayer! How Do You Structure Your Prayer Life? #askpastorjohn