My Airport & Vacation Style

Summer and vacation planning is upon us!! My hubby and I celebrated 19 years of marriage a couple weeks ago! One day I’ll share with you all why that is a bonified miracle of God, but for today lets just talk a couple of fabulous outfits and gorgeous Florida! Continue reading

Advertisements Fashion: 4 Outfits for Cold Weather Inspiration!

It’s been a minute since I have done a fashion post! All of these outfits (except the last one) are looks I live in- carpool, grocery store, church, meetings… but I do keep a pair of flats in my car in case my feet start to hurt! 5 inch heels are a wondrous accessory but it’s tough to run errands in them for 4 hours!

Even though the looks in this post are seriously incredible (wink), keep in mind there are plenty of days I am in sweats with old mascara under my eyes and funk in my pits. Last week I went to dinner with friends in my pajamas and robe because I didn’t feel like getting dressed.


I’ll be 42 this year and if I don’t feel like getting dressed I ain’t gonna. I like me, regardless of my outer trappings, and that means I can BE ME! It is a good thing to be comfortable in your own skin. For me that looks like PJ’s and a fuzzy robe at Olive Garden… for you it might be something else. The point is to love ourselves, with all our complexities, and express it in self-affirming, God-honoring ways. God is pleased when we enjoy how He made us.

Thanks for letting me rant… now you check out the looks while I put my soapbox away… Continue reading Fashion: Cheap Black Dress styled with a Gucci Inspo

Tonight I went to a black-tie event with my boyfriend-husband-lover-best friend-priest-homey. I had a budget of zero bucks so I decided to take a plain black dress with clean lines and have some fun! I love getting inspired by great design!

Here are shots of my inspiration for hair from a look Gucci did a couple of years ago…



Now, before you see my version keep in mind I am just a regular suburban woman who has a body that has produced 5 kids! Lower your expectations of perfection and dresses hanging off of rail-thin chics!!! If it wasn’t for my AWESOME waist cincher I wouldn’t have a waist!


 Inspired by the flowers on the shoulder, I added a red clip on flower I snapped on…
I love the Gucci look of the gently contoured cheeks, smokey eye and nude lips. I try to keep my look matte since shine highlights wrinkles and crows feet, so not too much powder under my eyes. The older you get the more texture your skin gets. I am very careful of how much product I put around my eye area. Put too much and it accentuates wrinkles not hides them as it settles!


Here you can see I’ve contoured 3 places: my temples, hollows of my cheeks and neckline. Those shadows aren’t lighting mamas, that’s by design. So much of makeup is playing with light and learning what works for your age, skin type, skin tone, etc. I learned everything I know about makeup from Kevin Aucoin books, and gossmakeupartist.  

 Here’s the makeup and hair look with no filter…    
And here’s me and my boo… Or bae… Or whatever folks are calling the love of your life these days…



And that is the look! Simple, cheap, flattering, comfy!

Stay Strong, DJ