The Shepherd (A Poem for Mothers)

Never forget the value of what you do in your home. Whether you are dusting the furniture or wiping bottoms, Reading a story or comforting your toddler at the doctor, Wiping down the table or on your knees praying, You are shepherding the hearts of your kids. You see, it takes all of that… The … Continue reading The Shepherd (A Poem for Mothers)


In the Midst Of Depression…

Even in the heart of depression, Lord, you are faithful. You are there, running to me with open arms. RUNNING. TO. ME. Chasing me down. Holding me up and cupping my face in Your hands saying, "Daughter, I will never leave you. I will never forget you. You are ever on My mind and always in … Continue reading In the Midst Of Depression…

The Medic: A Poem about Recovery

We all know Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time, but it is often filled with pain of the past and people who have hurt us. I urge you to turn to Christ for healing.