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A word most of us don’t like. We are very comfortable thinking of ourselves as God’s children, as His sheep, even as His servants… But slave? I don’t hear that too often.

And yet, we are all slaves to something.

We are slaves to whatever controls us, motivates us.

If you can’t stop thinking about it chances are that’s got first place in your heart. And our allegiance shifts, doesn’t it? In moments of clarity Christ reigns in our heart, but then we get busy, or overwhelmed… And we open our heart (really it’s more like opening our legs-that’s what idolatry is, adultery against God, but maybe that’s too much for a mom-blog) and we give our heart to something else.

Many, many moms are slaves to fear: fear of their children’s’ disappointment, fear of not being a good enough mother, fear of imperfection, fear of harm. Many days I am a slave to food and vanity and it is an all out BRAWL to choose Jesus every day.


I want the name “slave” to roll off their tongues and I want them to praise Him for the privilege to BE ONE. I want them to be strong against the bait-and-switch so that when the enemy tries to remove Christ from the throne of their hearts they are waiting for him, sword in hand, ready to gut him. I want sin-slayers, y’all. Brawlers for Christ who protect the throne of their heart (because it needs protecting) and know that being His slave is the greatest blessing known to us. It is the only enslavement that produces beauty, wholeness and FREEDOM.

All other masters abuse.

May I encourage you to pray an unusual prayer with me right now? Pray for your kids’ enslavement to the Author of Their Soul, the Dying-Living God, the One Whose Word is Life.



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