My Favorite Fashion Blogger: Kyrzayda Rodriguez

I have a lot of mamas ask me how I put some of my looks together, which I seldom post because I am ALWAYS running late and I have a ton of kids and never any time to take pics let alone post them… HOW AND EVER…. basically….

I just copy this woman.

Her name is Kyrzayda Rodriguez and what can I say?

The girl is bad.

She is the only reason I wear off the shoulder stuff. Her ability to layer, use texture, put together patterns and accessories in the most FEMININE ways… I’m always blown away. I’m ALWAYS INSPIRED. Always motivated. Here’s her write up…

And here’s another reason why I’m writing this post…

Kyrzayda has cancer.

I don’t know the details but I’m praying for her and I invite you to pray, too. It is no small thing. Prayer can do anything God can do, and since God is omnipotent, so is prayer to Him.

You know, the web is a weird place. So dangerous. So much duplicity and hostility. And yet we can connect through this strange vortex to people we don’t know and they can reach us. Help us. Inspire us. It may seem like a small thing… fashion. Jeans. Shoes… but there are days I’ve felt like a mom-blob and Kyrzayda’s posts have reminded me I’m a woman. Feminine. Beautiful. She’s taught me how to use what I already have (lots of her looks are affordable) and to be creative with my fashion. Not all of her looks are in line with my definition of modesty, but most of them are… and even the ones that I consider a little risqué still inspire me.

And that has been a very precious gift to me.

So, please pray for her. And enjoy the rest of this post in pics, cuz the girl is fierce (do people still say fierce?). Please feel free to visit Kyrzayda at her site. She’s also on Instagram AND she has a shop, too!


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