Quick Read on New Year’s Planning

There are hundreds of blogs on this. I’ve read dozens, and I don’t want to waste your time with lots of blah, blah, blah content overload.

Here’s my process:

1. I DESIRE GOD’S WILL. I beg Him to show me a glimpse of what He wants for me in 2018 so that I may serve Him and glorify Him in a more profound way. How can I give Him more? I sit quietly. I listen. I seek. I humble myself under the majestic love and will of Christ. This happens over Christmas break. In my car, in Target, while I wake up over coffee, when I’m on the toilet, in the shower…

2. I WANT TO GROW. Desperately. In my heart of hearts. I check myself. I take inventory. I try to yield to whatever Christ may do in the new year.

3. I confess my sins from the previous year and I repent. I ask to see my sinful patterns. I receive His forgiveness. His new life in this new year.

4. I pray for a word from the Lord. I SEEK HIS WILL FOR ME. I read my Bible. I KEEP IT SIMPLE. It is so easy to overwhelm the system. I ask Him for One word. ONE WORD. (You can find a great book on it here). For example, some people have heard the word, “refresh” or “finish” or “forgive.” You get the idea. My word for 2018 is “DO.” As in stop stopping and start DOING. Take the class. Write the book. Learn the language. Reach out to the person. Eat well. There are thousands of good works He has chosen for me to DO. So I’d better DO them. It will bless Christ if I DO these things. I got this from praying through a great foundational verse, Philippians 4:13, and from praying through motivational quotes on Pinterest. I just put in the Pinterest search bar “New Years quotes” and go from there IN PRAYER.

5. I think of ways I want to grow in key areas of my life (loosely based on Luke 2:52, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”) Spiritual, social, physical, intellectual, professional, ministry and financial. I write down a goals list for each one and my accountability partner for each area. For instance, my list for “physical goals” so far looks like this:

  • Cardio 6 days a week
  • Strength train 3 days a week
  • Focus on protein, fiber, healthy fat, good carbs daily (complete meal plan)
  • Lose layers of fat
  • Look different in clothes
  • Focus on hydration
  • Accountability partner: Tanya

My spiritual currently has these on the list:

  • When will you read the Bible daily?
  • When will you fast?
  • What resources will you use to grow closer to Jesus?
  • Accountability partner: Harry

For intellectual I have:

  • What books will you read this year? When? (I’m shooting for 20 minutes a day)
  • Sign up for Life Coaching certification by February 1, 2018
  • Accountability partners: Harry and Jackie

For ministry I have:

  • Design and teach 8-week course this year
  • Complete and submit curriculum for your class to team by January 1.
  • Write CLEANSE devotion and post by January 10
  • Ask Jackie to help facilitate class on working moms
  • Continue coaching moms: how will you structure time? Discuss goals with each mom.
  • Re-start book. What are your writing goals and deadlines?
  • Accountability partner: Jackie and Sue

For “social” I am currently asking people close to me these questions:

  • How do you experience me?
  • In what ways am I succeeding as a wife? Mother? Friend? Christian? What are your needs? In what ways can I better meet your needs?

6. I will sit with my planner and plug in date-specific goals such (ie WHEN will things get done?):

  • When will I pour into my marriage by getting time away with hubs?
  • When will I do seasonal organizing and decor?
  • How fit do I want to be by summer? What’s my deadline? Discuss with trainer.
  • Where do I want to be serving at church? How will I define success in ministry?
  • Things I’ll need to have in place for the kids to get through exams, birthdays, end of school, 8th grade graduation, etc. for the year.

7. How will I incorporate and SCHEDULE the 7 “C’s” of balance into my life?

8. I review the family calendar and plug in any changes that need to be made based on the work I’ve done above. I put reminders in my phone (this is important).

9. I review and nail down our weekly routine. What does each day of our week look like in general? When will I do laundry? What will need to be in my car each week for tutoring? Is my menu planning system okay or should it be tweaked? When will I do my weekend reset?

10. I let it all go. As in, I look at the plan and release it to Christ. I ask Him to develop me and I’m willing to throw the plan to the wind so I can submit to His curriculum for the year. The plan works for me, I don’t work for the plan. The plan is just a general guide. A way to give me an idea of where we’re headed. But it ain’t Jesus. He gets the final word in my heart and on what goals are met and how.

So those are the broad strokes. Hope this helps to get your juices flowing! Happy New Year!!!




4 thoughts on “Quick Read on New Year’s Planning

  1. Thanks for sharing. I clearly heard the word “plan” for me this year, but I dismissed it because planning means following through; but your post helped me to guide my planning by starting with God’s Word on planning. “For I know the plans I have for you…”

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    1. Follow-through is tough for me too. It seems I’m always pressing towards being more consistent- every year it is a focus! But what I’ve noticed is that as I’ve let Him lead I’ve grown slowly but surely in the right direction. I don’t finish as many things as I’d like but I finish more than my flesh would finish! And I am also learning Follow-through requires accountability! I need help! Partnership!


  2. What a wonderful post!!! You page really inspires and motivates me. I’m a new mom of 2 month old Amelia. Two weeks after she was born I relocated with my husband to the New Jersey area. I left my job of teaching special needs kids for 10 yrs, my parents (support system) and my comfort zone. The transition has been a huge adjustment and now having a newborn makes things a bit more challenging. I’m going to continue to read your blog since I am removing myself from social media tomorrow. Thank you for allowing others to feel motivated, inspired and driven. Most importantly thank you for allowing woman to read your blog post which focuses on God!! God bless!


  3. Amen a thousand times! Loved how you started with desiring God’s will and wanting to glorify and serve Him and how you ended with presenting the plan to Christ but being willing to scrap it all if He directs you to do that. Loved every detail in between, too! So helpful—can definitely see God using you as a life coach.


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