A Simple Advent Prayer


Please help us to fight against the anxiety that comes with this time of year. Please comfort our hearts, there are those of us who are grieving and in pain. Remind us of Your comfort, Your patience, Your passion for our holiness. Things are not happening TO us they are happening FOR us. Remind us Lord that You “came to seek and save the lost” and therefore Christmas is a rescue mission. There are those of us who need rescuing Lord. Rescue from heartache, busy-ness, selfishness, addiction, distraction, pride, anger, fear. There are those we love who need rescuing Lord. Please move mightily in our lives and remove anything that we love more than You. We give you that permission. Show us what we truly worship. Cleanse our hearts and renew a steadfast spirit in our breast. Don’t let us settle. You are infinite. You always have more for us. Make us to crave you this Advent season. Let us be like the wise men who “opened their treasures” to You.

Have Your way this Advent Lord Jesus. Have Your way!

In Christ,



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