My Airport & Vacation Style

Summer and vacation planning is upon us!! My hubby and I celebrated 19 years of marriage a couple weeks ago! One day I’ll share with you all why that is a bonified miracle of God, but for today lets just talk a couple of fabulous outfits and gorgeous Florida!

Airport Style

Layered, comfy, fly, Gucci. Yes, those are my 5 inch wedges but they are super comfy. I bring fuzzy socks to wear on the plane.

I start with something stretchy and close to the body (because I’m gonna add layers and don’t want to look bulky). Coated jeans & tube top will do.

Add a scarf…


Beach Attire

Super simple… Just black suit with a wrap…

Chillin’ (but you can also see the tummy control portion of my suit better)… 

Romantic Dinner

Cold shoulder knit dress from BCBG. Waist cincher. Belt & shoes from BCBG, too.



Shades are from 5Below, statement necklace on Amazon. Knife-pleat skirts are so comfortable! They make me feel glamorous. I snagged this one from Black/White Market on super sale last year.


This is the greatest cup of coffee I’ve ever had, and I started drinking it when I was 14. It deserves to be memorialized.


Airport Style Outfit #2

My long sweater and Gucci scarf goes over this super-soft t-shirt & jeggings… 


Bye-bye Florida!    Other random photos I took that have nothing to do with fashion…  



So that’s it! Share this post if you got any good ideas from it!

Stay Fab! DJ


2 thoughts on “My Airport & Vacation Style

  1. I don’t know who that BCBG guy is but he seems to know what he’s doing. I never realized how important what we wear is to getting into vacation mode but mama sure does. Almost as important as going to the beach to release the stress!


  2. LOVED the outfits and your style! Where can I get that rock in’ bod? You look happy, healthy, and hubba-hubba-worthy. Good for you!!!


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