Praying for Our Sons from Head to Toe: A 7-Day Challenge from

7 Day Challenge

Hello Strong Mamas! It has been a minute!

I realize I have not posted anything to the site since Christmas Break. I shall not bore you with the reasons why: 5 kids transitioning back to 3 schools is surely enough to let your imaginations run wild with what my days have been like.

Today I want to begin a conversation about prayer for our boys. For our future godly men who will one day be leaders in their homes and communities. Men who will be hostile for God in a world that is hostile towards God. One of the deepest desires of my heart is that my sons will be Men who are hostile for God in a world that is hostile towards GodMen who will be astonishingly effective for the agenda of Christ, gentle lovers of one wife, and fathers who die to themselves for the good of their children. Men of integrity who will not stand to see the weak damaged. Men who change the atmosphere of every environment into a place where Christ is evident. I want my boys to have a definition of manhood that is drenched in power and humility; who are not swayed by the castrated, gender-bent version of maleness that permeates our culture today. Men who see their masculinity as a gift, not a flaw. I want to raise sons who stand at the door of their family as a guard and when the enemy comes knocking on the heart of his wife or children he steps in front and says, “Dude, you got anything to say to this family you gotta come through me. Hollatchaboy.” I want to raise sons who understand they are to be the protector, provider and priest of their homes. I want my boys to have a definition of manhood that is dripping in strength and humility; who are not swayed by the castrated, gender-bent version of maleness that permeates our culture today.But those desires begin now with prayers for their hearts while they are young. The road to a godly 30-year-old son begins when they are in 30 minutes old… and every season after that for as long as I have breath (gentle reminder here: if you have not prayed for your son every second of his life you are in good company! The point is to lift him up, not attain a perfect prayer record. It is never to late to start (or re-start) and no prayer is every wasted).

The wonderful thing about being a follower of the One, True God is that I am not responsible for making any of these wishes come true. Every single one of those desires is only found in the power of Christ. Think about it, we have no control over the choices our sons will make. Sure, we can plant seeds of godliness in their hearts (and we should) or we can try to manipulate our older boys into believing what we think is right for them (which we shouldn’t), but at the end of the day God is the only source for a changed heart. We must take it to Him.

Every single thing I want for my sons is found in the power, love, grace, mercy, salvation and magnificence of Jesus Christ. He alone holds their futures and He alone can get a hold of their hearts. I am so grateful to have access to Hi (1)

So here is how this will work. Every day for the next 7 days I will post a prayer over a certain part of our son’s bodies. Their mind, eyes, feet, etc. The prayers are short and sweet and amazingly powerful. As you read through them lift up your precious boy (or boys) to God. Pour out your heart.


  1. LET YOUR SON KNOW THAT YOU ARE PRAYING FOR HIM. Shoot him a text, email, leave a note in his lunch box, etc. Don’t expect anything in return (like him running into your arms weeping in gratitude). But knowing you are praying for him is a powerful seed to plant in your relationship with him as well as his relationship with God.
  2. SEND THE PRAYER TO AT LEAST ONE OTHER PERSON WHO YOU KNOW WILL PRAY FOR YOUR SON. If you two can pray together that is even better, but just asking them to pray is great, too!

At the end of the 7 days I will include the document of all the prayers in one place so you can print it out and keep these prayers going. I keep the handout in my Bible and try to pray these once a week.

Now, to be honest and transparent, I did not come up with these prayers. A dear prayer-warrior gave me these and they are actually prayers for our husbands that I tailored for our sons. So, I take no credit here… but the resource is so powerful I had to share it! If you know who the author is PLEASE let me know so I can give credit!

Here are the two fellas I will be praying for…who will you be praying for?



Share this post with any mama who has a boy who needs prayer. See you tomorrow!

Stay Strong,



6 thoughts on “Praying for Our Sons from Head to Toe: A 7-Day Challenge from

    1. These young boys remind me of me! When I wasn’t sure about what a man was, does or is I knew God had planted in me a different purpose than my female counter-parts. I didn’t know what that purpose was and wasn’t thinking to ask someone to pray that I would “nail-it” but He did and the journey continues into the life of my sons from the Son. Thanks Dawn for celebrating the different design and purposeful function of young men growing into their God designed manhood.


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