My Nutritious, Delicious and a Little Fictitious Meal Planning System

I’m working on a couple new posts that may take a while, so I decided to reblog this post about menu-planning! Enjoy!!!


Howdy Strong Mamas!

I had a few requests after my Instagram post at the grocery store about my Food Binder.  As you may know, I cannot cook.  I cannot bake.  I cannot fricassee, broil or sauté.  I cannot make hard-boiled eggs.  I CAN read a recipe but there is always something lost in translation (skill).391747_340029369433703_20893565_n There have been lots of nights in past years that I pulled something out of the oven and cried. I recall with horror the gorgeous Chicken of Promise I had placed in the oven that was mysteriously transformed into the dehydrated carcass of some desert road kill. I also recall the time that I made pork tenderloin (a misnomer, by the way) in the slow cooker and when I cut into it, it let out a final death-gasp of steam and promptly shredded into a pile of saw dust (yes, I added the amount of liquid…

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