Fashion: 4 Outfits for Cold Weather Inspiration!

It’s been a minute since I have done a fashion post! All of these outfits (except the last one) are looks I live in- carpool, grocery store, church, meetings… but I do keep a pair of flats in my car in case my feet start to hurt! 5 inch heels are a wondrous accessory but it’s tough to run errands in them for 4 hours!

Even though the looks in this post are seriously incredible (wink), keep in mind there are plenty of days I am in sweats with old mascara under my eyes and funk in my pits. Last week I went to dinner with friends in my pajamas and robe because I didn’t feel like getting dressed.


I’ll be 42 this year and if I don’t feel like getting dressed I ain’t gonna. I like me, regardless of my outer trappings, and that means I can BE ME! It is a good thing to be comfortable in your own skin. For me that looks like PJ’s and a fuzzy robe at Olive Garden… for you it might be something else. The point is to love ourselves, with all our complexities, and express it in self-affirming, God-honoring ways. God is pleased when we enjoy how He made us.

Thanks for letting me rant… now you check out the looks while I put my soapbox away…

Outfit Number 1

Navy blue jacket from H & M, modern lines and warm. Paired with skinny jeans, a cream clutch and cream gold-studded 5-inch wedges. Very comfortable, modest, timeless and fabulous!


Clutch… I get most of them from Forever 21.




Here’s the jacket open: not too bulky.




Chanel-inspired accents and crazy fly gold-rimmed shades from Francescas…


Side shot… the jackets moves really well…


Outfit Number 2

I love shawls, so forgiving! I went with a retro feel: flares, 70’s dangle earrings and shades.


$10 clutch from Forever 21…


GUESS 5 inch pumps…

Outfit Number 3

Monochromatic looks work when you mix textures and tones.  Here I have the wine color in sateen skinny jeans, wool shawl, python clutch and the shades but I mixed it up with a statement necklace (that’s actually 2 statement necklaces on top of each other for more impact) and a wrist full of cuffs… and my birthday shoes from last year WHICH ARE AMAZING!!


Here’s a shot of the double necklaces. Notice my earrings are small and understated.  I typically do one of the following: large necklace wth cuffs and small earrings or large earrings with cuffs, no necklace.


This is the best pose to make your thighs look smaller…


Here you can see the impact of both necklaces head on…


My birthday SHHOOOEESSS!!!!!!!


Outfit Number 4

I LOVE this faux-fur leopard coat and I rock it so hard in the winter (I am actually a little allergic to it but I just take Allegra when I’m going to wear it! Beauty knows no pain). Pair it with a floppy hat, flares, leopard pony-hair pumps and a fringe bag and you’ve got an outfit! (By the way, what the heck is going on with my right hand?  I promise I’m human and not a shape-shifter…)


Round shades from 5 Below. They have some great sunglasses!


You can do it with flares or kick it up 70’s style and go the other direction with geometric patterned palazzo pants…




I love the two patterns together… but it ain’t for everybody! That’s the beauty of fashion, you express it how you feel most comfortable. Be your own kind of fabulous…


And here is my photographer, mini-me and burgeoning fashionista! My 11-year old takes all the pics and helps me style the outfits…


This was her pose and her outfit choice. She has a big personality like her mama! It is a privilege to teach her how to navigate her extroversion in a way that glorifies God and allows her to get the shine she needs without overshadowing others!



Happy fashioning this winter season! Please share this IF you saw something you liked. It really does make a difference!

Stay Strong,



2 thoughts on “ Fashion: 4 Outfits for Cold Weather Inspiration!

  1. I like every outfit. As long as a cover-up is an option I love it! I really like the fall colors and the shoe selection is magnificent.

    Of course, no outfit can cover up self-identity gaps so the comments on loving ourselves is a good reminder. You look good because we are made in his image; from the inside out!

    It’s the inside stuff that leaves an indelible impression on people. Dawn you have made an impression on me!

    Liked by 1 person

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