A Great Way to Knit the Hearts of Your Family Together this Christmas: Secret Saint Journals

Hello Strong Mamas!

This has got to be one of my favorite Christmas traditions! If you are looking for a way to bring your family together over the holidays please consider doing this!

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. It moves me every time I think about it… there is just something about being rescued. I never want to forget where I was when He found me and I never want to forget how precious a gift this season is while my kids are all still at home. I am because we are.

Part of what makes Christmas so special in our family are the opportunities we take to build each other up. One of those traditions we began a few years ago are our Secret Saint Journals! At some point in the beginning of December we all sit around the tree and commence the ritual of getting the journals. I hold all 7 and go around to each person who, with eyes closed, chooses a journal from the stack. For the next few weeks that person will pray for their SS and write words of encouragement, affirmation, humor and love!

On Christmas Day, after the presents have been opened, breakfast eaten, batteries installed in toys and parents have napped, we will gather around the tree again. Each person takes turns, stands up and says who their SS was this year. They present them with a small gift and the journal. The SS then has the privilege of reading (out loud) one or more of the entries. This has got to be one of my favorite traditions. There are usually hearty laughs, quiet tears, long hugs, and quiet spaces filled with emotion, connection, compassion and grace. The person ends their turn by leading the rest of us in prayer for their Secret Saint.

I’ve included a few pages from various journals over the years…


Keen observations…


Understanding and encouragement…

Silliness… This was before my youngest could write. He would dictate his entry to me and then draw pictures…

Emulation and admiration…

And there it is… chokes me up every time. The beauty of the journals is they record so much: relationships, hearts, interests… most of all I love when a sibling gets a SS they have been having trouble with (funny how they just happen to pick that journal 😜) and the connection is rekindled, rebuilt and renewed. My prayer is that this tradition will be a great reminder of who we are as a family…

Because we are us. I am because we are and we are because I am.

The journals are a tangible way of initiating, recording and affirming that truth.

Our family has a slogan I thought of long ago: “We go with God and we go together.”

We have other traditions that help us go with God.

This one helps us go together.

Merry Christmas Strong Mamas, Merry Christmas. May you and yours go with God and go together this Christ-Season!

Love, DJ (1)

P.S. Please share this if it impacted you!


2 thoughts on “A Great Way to Knit the Hearts of Your Family Together this Christmas: Secret Saint Journals

  1. Love this for Christmas present and as a chronicle of Christmases past–you don’t write in the journals every day leading up to Christmas, do you?


  2. So beautiful and such a great way to focus on what is really important during the Christmas holiday. I love this and will definitely be using your idea. 🙂


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