Fabulous Friday: Weight-Gain Outfit!!

Soooo…. I’ve gained about 9 pounds in the past 4 weeks (TMI?). Not the first time this has happened and I’d be a fool to think it was the last. I swear if I eat one simple carb after 4pm my body bloats like a stuck pig, a phenomena that began occurring when I hit 40+. This is one of my favorite outfits to wear when I’ve fallen off the healthy-eating wagon and jumped on the sugar-is-my-best-friend wagon because, hey, I’m me. I struggle to be disciplined and sometimes I just blow it. As much as I’d like to say I stay on track it would be a lie. Beating myself up is always a temptation. Key word: temptation, which means I have a choice. My best choice is to forgive myself, pray, set my sights on the new goal, get accountability and love myself through it. I’ve learned to be gentle with me. Punishing myself with the quiet venom of criticism gets me no where but deeper in the hole.

I can gain 3-6 inches on my waist during this wagon-ride (really TMI), probably due to my stomach being stretched so many times by enormous babies (really, really TMI). In times like these I am in need of God’s grace, self-love and the forgiving side of my closet, a.k.a my fat clothes!  I believe every woman needs a few key pieces that help her feel good about herself even when the scale is saying things she doesn’t want to hear.


If you saw my last fashion post, you’ll notice I used a lot of the same items, just re-worked them for the weight-gain. The sweater is from Victoria’s Secret and the pants are from NY&CO.


I kept my jewelry minimal, just key pieces. I found the necklace and cuff on sale at Claire’s for $5 each.


And yes I paired those cheap baubles with my Chanel. As far as I am concerned Chanel makes any piece of jewelry look expensive and any outfit extraordinary…


So it is NOT all glamorous. Here I am adjusting my belt because my pants are cutting off my circulation and my muffin-top is spilling over…


AAAAHHHH! That’s better… There is no reason for my fashion to take a dive just because I gained weight. With a few minor changes I can still feel put together and confident.


My favorite winter wedges.  They are so cheap ($20 from Burlington) that they are falling apart.   They are so comfortable and gorgeous I can’t part with them, so I just keep super-gluing the soles back on. It really doesn’t matter how cheap the item is: if you love it and it has great lines you’ll wear it and work it.


You don’t need another shot of this painfully simple outfit but I like my face in this pic so I’m posting it. So there.


Mamas, fight to love the shape you have. I know it is so hard sometimes. But it is possible. Don’t punish yourself or roll your eyes at your reflection in the mirror. God has never done that to you. He loves our bodies and promises to help us! He will never give up on you, ESPECIALLY in your self-esteem. Don’t YOU give up on YOU.

Stay Strong and Fabulous!

Love, DJ


5 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday: Weight-Gain Outfit!!

  1. love your heart. love your perspective. who we are looking AT is so much more important than what we look LIKE. keeping eyes on the One who made us changes everything. xoxo

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    1. Thanks Leigh! Years ago I saw a sign on a classroom door that said, “Do not change the way you look. Change the way you see.” I’ve been praying it for myself ever since. I love your sentiment to “keep eyes on the One who made us” and I think that is definitely true when we are alone in front of the mirror!!


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