Why You Should Hire a Mom Coach!

A great article on what a Life Coach can do for you, mama!


Self-Care When You Have the End of School Year Blues

  Hi Lovelies! I won't waste your time with a bunch of introductory fluff because I'm tapped out and I've got nothing clever to write. Basically, I struggle with transition and change, even change I know is coming and have been through many, many times before. Perhaps you do, too? Perhaps you have a nagging … Continue reading Self-Care When You Have the End of School Year Blues

The Shepherd (A Poem for Mothers)

Never forget the value of what you do in your home. Whether you are dusting the furniture or wiping bottoms, Reading a story or comforting your toddler at the doctor, Wiping down the table or on your knees praying, You are shepherding the hearts of your kids. You see, it takes all of that… The … Continue reading The Shepherd (A Poem for Mothers)

Mama, Go Get You a “Thing”

Ok, so they aren't for everyone. I mean, these are hot plum pink, patent leather 5-inch pumps with an asymmetrical vamp, pointed toe and a peekaboo shank. But they are my "thing." My mood-booster. The small item that brings me life and laces my synapses with a little joy as I embark on a full … Continue reading Mama, Go Get You a “Thing”

Encouragement to Fast for Your Kids

One of the greatest weapons I believe many mothers overlook is the weapon of fasting. I know many mothers who have never fasted for their children. This is a mistake. But one that is easily remedied!

My Weekend RESET!!

I am so excited about this new system, WEEKEND RESET, I am trying out! I've been working it into our schedule for a few weeks and so far I am loving it and I want to share it with you!

Mama, What Have You DONE!?!

Mama, do you know that most days you accomplish mighty victories for Christ with your kids? Do you know that He is pleased with you and do you sense this Great Pleasure?

My Killer School Lunch System! Lunch Decks!


Mom-Guilt Is a Good Thing



SLAVE. A word most of us don't like. We are very comfortable thinking of ourselves as God's children, as His sheep, even as His servants... But slave? I don't hear that too often. And yet, we are all slaves to something. We are slaves to whatever controls us, motivates us. If you can't stop thinking … Continue reading SLAVE

The High Price of Marriage

I have paid a high price to have the marriage I have now. I have not lost my personhood, but I have given up things I thought were so important to me as a person. Pride. Expectations. The need to control. The need to put myself first. The desire to be heard instead of understanding. … Continue reading The High Price of Marriage