What I Plan To Do About President Trump


I am a nationalist. I LOVE THIS NATION, flawed as it is. I cry every time I hear our national anthem at football games. Heck, I even cry when I sing it by myself in the car, which is often. I love our military. I love the Constitution. I love our freedoms. I love the fact that to be an American means to participate in advanced citizenship. I love being an American. Even in today’s America which is polarized, rabidly hostile, volatile, and petulant (which isn’t much different than the way America has always been).

And yet…

Before I am a citizen of this country I am a CITIZEN OF HEAVEN. I trust, without hesitation, every decision Jesus makes. I never, and I mean EVER, question the judgment of the One Who Has Creation & Resurrection Power. Jesus is my King. But for some reason that my finite, human mind cannot fathom, King Jesus has allowed Donald Trump to occupy what is arguably the greatest earthly seat of power in the world. Make no mistake, I would be equally dumbfounded if Clinton had won. Even though I voted (too many women, black folks and white folks died for me to have that right- I will not squander it), I voted for neither candidate since neither candidate seemed to have any moral integrity, which I think is just a little bit important for leaders to possess.

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States of America. Even as I type that I am shaking my head in disbelief.

And I am sad. Authentically sad.

And so where do I take this consternation? This profound grief over the poor quality of the man now responsible for leading our nation?

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Encouragement to Fast for Your Kids

Are You

This post will take you about 8 minutes to read.

Howdy Strong Mamas!

I do not know a single, Christian mama who does not yearn for her children to live a life devoted to Christ.  To raise kids who are successful adults, and who are grateful, brave, gentle, wise and slayers of sin in their lives and the lives of others.  Often we pray, talk to our children, teach them about the Word of God and the ways of the world. We warn, love, care and discipline.  We do this because our deepest desire is that our children would live lives of passionate faith and be successful adults.  As mamas, we know in our hearts that if our children had a need we would go through hell and high water to meet it. We would seek out any resource so that we could care for our babies.

But are we doing that spiritually?

One of the greatest weapons I believe many mothers overlook is the weapon of fasting.  I know many mothers who have never fasted for their children.

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My Weekend RESET!!

My Weekend Reset!

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Well Hello There Strong Mamas!

I am so excited about this new system, WEEKEND RESET, I am trying out!  I’ve been working it into our schedule for a few weeks and so far I am loving it and I want to share it with you!  It’s not my idea, but I have tweaked what I have researched so it works for my family.  I do most of my research for mama-stuff on Pinterest, and you can check out my Pinterest board on Weekend Resetting here (and while you’re at it you can follow me on Pinterest here, Instagram here and Facebook here) or check out my post on one of the tools I use to make it happen called “One of My Favorite Insanely Simple Family Management Tools.” Continue reading

Mama, What Have You DONE!?!

mama-what-have-you-done-is-nearThis post is for those of us who are feeling under the pile.  It will take about 7 minutes to read.

I was counseling a younger mother the other day who has little ones.  She was discouraged and overwhelmed to the point of tears by the amount of things that needed to be done that she just couldn’t finish… we all know that deal, right? Laundry, meals, doctor’s appointments, email, praying for our kids, HAIR if you have daughters and maybe HAIR, HAIR, HAIR if you have daughters of color, policing technology, college visits and move ins… the list is gargantuan.  And that is not an exaggeration.  Mamas, our lists ARE EVER-FLOWING WITH TASKS!  There is always more to do at home.  More to do in the training up of our children.  It feels like too much because it IS too much. Continue reading

My Killer School Lunch System! Lunch Decks!

The Lunch Deck System

A few years ago I was in my kitchen with all of my kids except the youngest. We were getting ready for school.  The baby comes into the kitchen, sees the activity and promptly asks me to make his lunch (his nickname, by the way, is “Elbows Up.” Clasp your hands behind your head with your elbows up and you’ll get the full picture of my little guy’s opinion of work.).

The other kids all turn around with eyebrows raised in amusement and look matter-of-factly at the little tike.

“No,” I say emphatically.

He turns to his then 8-year old sister, “Can you make my lunch for me? Mommy won’t do it and none of my friends have to make theirs.”

My 8-year-old replies, “No. You’re 6 years old and in kindergarten now, you can make your own. Here’s the bread.”

One of the things I hear so many mamas asking (and murmuring) about is school lunches!  All 5 of my kids started making their own lunches in kindergarten because I was so overwhelmed by motherhood I was desperate for the help.  However, I know many an excellent mama who makes lunches well beyond that (don’t judge!).  Over the years I have tried tons of different systems but none could handle our allergies and sheer number of people, plus they were just too much darned work, so I made up my own. My absolute favorite way to handle lunches for the Fab Five is my Lunch Deck System.

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Report Card Time! My Parent/Teacher Conference Binder!

A timely repost on keeping all of those pesky school details together! Enjoy!



Hello Strong Mamas!

I’m not sure about y’all, but around here it is report card time.  Over the years I have learned that my kids do best when I am able to keep track of their progress and areas they need to work on.  I got tired of being in the Parent/Teacher Conferences and having the teacher say, “this is the same area we were working on last semester” and them looking up to see a blank stare on my face because I had no recollection of what happened at breakfast, let alone last semester.

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